Perfection is achieved in every step of the process to create an organic 100% blue agave tequila that is truly one of a kind

Sheela Marshall and Natalie Merrick are lifelong friends.  Sheela was born in India where natural flavors are plentiful.  Natalie grew up on a Texas ranch where values were cultivated.  Together they created Tequila Sheela, a sophisticated spirit made to savor and enjoy.

One may not have guessed that an Indian immigrant and a small town Texas farm girl would form a deeply-rooted friendship when meeting in Dallas, TX over fifteen years ago.  Even though the ladies were from opposite sides of the globe and from different cultures, they bonded over similar pasts.  Both came from large families with a deep pride in heritage.

In 2014 the women journeyed to Jalisco, Mexico and discovered a master distiller who shared their pride, values, and passion for natural and organic ingredients.

Tequila Sheela is the heart and soul of two women who live to celebrate family and friends