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“Tequila Sheela is a great blend of earthy boldness, full bodied, with a hints of smokiness and sweetness. It's a great mixing tequila and a great sipping spirit!"

-Brad Phillips

Executive Chef, Asador Restaurant

"I've spent a lot of my on air career promoting Mexico tourism. Which means I've tasted a lot of tequila! Sheela's product is very special."

-Amy Vanderoef

Host, WFAA’s Good Morning Texas

On-air Personality, Rodney Anderson Show

Talk Radio 1190 AM

"Tequila Sheela goes beyond just being local and also goes above and beyond providing a smooth, clean, easy-drinking tequila that is a perfect tequila for sipping on its own, or mixing for a festive cocktail."

-Delia Jo Ramsey